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My name is Finn (Fine’eva) Maka and I’m a native of the Kingdom of Tonga.  You can check out my Bio at FINN MAKA.

I have been working out for the last 11 years paying particular attention to Arm Wrestling and have been Pulling competitively for the last 8. I found however, that purchasing the large gym apparatus prohibitively was expensive & I didn’t have room for it anyway.  So I joined a local gym for most of my workouts.

What was missing was a location where I could purchase affordable & very useful arm wrestling tools not found in any gym.

I’ve spent the last year and a half looking for some handy and less pricey tools which could help me improve my workout and recovery routines but might be difficult to locate individually, so I decide to publish a web site where I could make these products available to others. Please take a minute and check them out at “”.

As I locate new and interesting products, I will post them and make them available online.

I have put together some of the more interesting hand grip products under “GEAR” and expect more of these gear-type products to come online in the near future. (I have deliberately not included large equipment, weights and bars or kettle bells.) I have tried to stick with relatively inexpensive yet high quality products. Some, like the Baraban Grippers, are a bit pricey but inasmuch as they are some of the best grippers in the world, I thought it would be worth it to include them.

As most of you know, arm wrestling pulls and workouts can beat up the body. I have searched far and wide for products to assist in “REHAB & RECOVERY” for bringing those sore muscles back online as quickly as possible.

Because I am quite particular with the supplements I consume, I have searched all over for the ones that I now use and would be comfortable recommending. You can find them in the “HEALTH & NUTRITION” section of the web site. I am continuing to research products for enhancing the arm wrestling experience and will recommend new ones as I research them. “If I won’t take it – I won’t sell it.”

I have added a few of my favorite T-shirts and hoodies at “APPAREL. All are of the highest quality Cotton & Cotton-blends. Check them out. More will be added as they become available.

Check out “ACCESSORIES” for some affordable items you also might find interesting to add to your Pulling workout and match experiences.

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P.S.- Any suggestions for products that might work here, please e-mail me and let me know what product(s) you think would be good for sale on my site.