TR – L to R:  Asena, Kapiolani, Ilaisaane Matei, Siaosi, Selaima BR  – L to R:  Fine’eva Jr., Ikani, Fine’eva, Opeti, Semisi

Finn Maka

“My name is Finn (Fine’eva) Maka. (“Fine’eva” means “To Build on a Foundation” & “Maka” means “Strength”.)  I was born in the Kingdom of Tonga, a small island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean still ruled by a sovereign King.  My father brought me to the United States in 1979 along with 5 siblings.  (I was too young at the time to understand that my parents had split up – my mother had stayed in Tonga.)

“Early on as a kid coming from a very broken home I was exposed to and recruited by the local Tongan youth gangs in the area where I lived.  It was almost impossible to resist their “Come-On!” and I joined up.  Were it not for my marriage and family, I could have been doing serious time in prison – most likely for gang activities – or I could very well have been the victim of gang violence – possibly beaten or dead – dumped in some weedy lot or back alley dumpster.

“My wonderful wife Matei passed away in March of 2019 and I miss her very much.  I am the father to eight great kids who each are unique and present different challenges.  I work all the overtime I can get as an Electrical Panel Builder and split all of my free time between family, teaching kids about arm wrestling & training for pulls.

“I started working out 11 years ago to keep the weight off and tried arm wrestling about 8 years ago and have loved Pulling ever since.  Several years ago my wife discovered an arm wrestling website and signed me up without my knowledge. The next day I received an e-mail inviting me to come and compete. That was all it took to get me hooked.  A short time later I was pulling against some of the best arm wrestlers in the world.  (Utah is home to several Men’s World Champions and one Woman World Champion).

“I am fascinated with the sport and would like to compete on a world class level but I also see the sport as an opportunity to engage young people in a sport that combines strength with technique.   Because of the low cost to participate and the ease of finding minimal equipment, the sport is perfect for kids who are not necessarily involved in other school activities or may live on a budget.

“I opened this Arm Wrestling website called when I couldn’t find affordable products that would enhance my arm wrestling experience.  I talked to others with the same problem so I decided to do something about it.  Hopefully it will be something my Pulling family will find beneficial.”