AcuForce 2.5 Massage Therapy and Recovery Tool


AcuForce 2.5 Massage Therapy and Recovery Tool

Perfect massage tool for reaching just about everywhere you can find a sore muscle.

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AcuForce 2.5 Massage Therapy and Recovery Tool

The AcuForce 2.5 Massage Therapy and Recovery Tool is prefect for self-massage for those all-to familiar sore muscles and strains. The AcuForce 2.5 Massage Tool is designed to get to those areas with only self-applied pressures and fits almost perfectly in the hand.

The AcuForce 2.5 Massage Therapy and Recovery Tool has a soft yet durable coating making it feel completely natural. It feels like the human touch because of its special Plastisol coating. This device works very well with massage creams and oils, with easy cleanup after. It’s the perfect tool for the serious athlete or casual weekend warrior looking to rehabilitative self-care those sore back, neck and shoulder muscles.

The AcuForce 2.5 Massager is an innovative hand held massage tool that is weighted at 2.5 pounds to provide the pressure needed to give an effective massage. It eliminates the need for significant downward pressure, providing relief from fatigue and injury in the hands and wrists,  making this the perfect rehabbing tool for a very deep and strenuous massage – it has an articulated grip to make holding/using it even easier.

The two ends of the AcuForce 2.5 Massager are shaped for different applications allowing muscle stripping, cross-fiber friction, and trigger point therapy with ease.  It is a perfectly designed and crafted massage tool that will comfortably and effectively treat muscle pain, while also being lightweight, versatile, affordable and simple enough for anyone to use. It was created to provide a more effective, compact and highly durable solution to everyday pain management and muscle rehabilitation.

The AcuForce 2.5 Massage Therapy and Recovery Tool weighs 2 ½ lbs and is designed to fit any grip, large or small. Crafted with the ergonomics of massage in mind, it’s specially contoured shape optimizes wrist positioning and control. This allows a generation of more pressure from less force thereby eliminating troublesome thumb strain, wrist torque and hyper-extension.

There is no need to endure cramps or muscle pain, certainly not when it can be avoided beforehand. According to most Therapists and physicians, prevention is the best cure. The revolutionary design of the AcuForce 2.5 Massage Therapy and Recovery Tool has all the edges and points needed to target and prevent unnecessary aches, pains and spasms while effortlessly penetrating and rehabbing sore areas of arms, legs, shoulders, back, neck and more.


Weight2.65 lbs
Dimensions8.2 × 12 × 4.2 in


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