Baraban Adjustable Hand Gripper-Green Powder Coating

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Baraban Adjustable Hand Gripper-Green Powder Coating

Hand-made grip tool by Robert Baraban fabricated in his shop in Austria.  One of the top hand grippers in the world!

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Baraban Adjustable Hand Gripper-Green Powder Coating

The Baraban Green Powder Coated Adjustable Hand Gripper is, just like the name suggests, covered with a green powder coating for superior rust resistance. Unlike the other models this hand gripper has both grips with an even surface which offers a comfortable and secure grip.

The grips are placed in a distance of 73 – 78 mm and also the angle is identical to most products of other manufacturers.

This training device is especially suitable for those, whose hands would be too stressed by the knurled grips. Therefore it is perfect for all gripper training beginners. The Baraban Adjustable Hand Gripper has, like other Baraban models, one knurled grip for the palm and one anatomic grip for the fingers.

Part of the family of Baraban Adjustable Hand Grippers, this is one of the finest gripper products on the market today. Manufactured in Austria by world-renown gripper maker Robert Baraban, this ultimate grip training tool is an adjustable one-size fits all hand gripper covering a large number of different strengths. With this gripper a huge number of strength options are available at the flick of the thumb with a single tool.

The Baraban Adjustable Hand Gripper has been designed to mimic a torsion spring gripper but allows same tool adjustments, giving a wide range of grip strengths, thereby revolutionizing closing options from light to ultra-heavy. A well-made, heavy duty grip tool made from steel – the Baraban Hand Gripper is a perfect fit to any hand.

Each Baraban Hand Gripper comes with two springs, each of a different resistance and each offering 19 different resistance settings. The springs can also be used in combination thereby offering a potential huge number of resistance settings. The lighter spring allows the gripper to cover a range of ratings from about 25 to 115 pounds. The heavier spring allows the gripper to cover a range of ratings from about 60 to 250 pounds.

Baraban Hand Gripper tools are simply the best and most sought after grippers in the World. For the serious gripper, this tool is well worth the cost and will just plain last forever.

(This product is shipped directly form Robert’s shop in Austria so please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for delivery.) (Replacement Springs are available.)

*Please allow slight deviation for the closing measurement data.

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