Baraban Aluminum Hand Gripper

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Baraban Aluminum Hand Gripper

A more standard hand gripper – a little less pricey but still one of the best in the world!


Baraban Aluminum Hand Gripper

The serious gripper should be very familiar with Robert Baraban grip tools. The Baraban Aluminum Hand Gripper is one of the finest standard grip tools on the market today. They are not mass produced but are manufactured in Robert’s shop in Austria.

With its natural polished chrome spring this classically beautiful silver aluminum hand gripper – the Baraban Aluminum Hand Gripper, ranks in the top five grippers in the world. (Because of the chrome spring material rather than normal steel, the spring will neither rust nor hold dirt).

Both aluminum grip handles are knurled so the gripper can lie comfortably in the hand regardless of the challenging nature of a training session.  Several Closing Strengths are available.  For a more substantial grip surface, the knurled handles are 20 mm in diameter vs. the 19 mm American standard.

*Please allow slight deviation for the closing measurement data.

(This product is shipped directly from Robert’s shop in Austria so please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.)

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