BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever


BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever

Really one of the best roll-on or gel pain relievers.


BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever

Nof ancy or expensive packaging but for those incredibly sore and damaged muscles after a workout or pull the BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever is simply the finest rehabilitative answer for those arm muscles strained to the limit during a match.  Colorless, BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever, comes in either a roll-on plastic cylinder or tube and is specifically formulated for most types of deep, aching pain and can be used for temporary muscle pain relief, minor joint pains, and achy tissues related to intense athletic endeavor.

BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever is great for any muscle therapy prior to a workout or match, massage therapy, soft tissue trigger-point therapy, rehab workouts, and pre- and post-exercise stretching.

Active ingredients include menthol USP. Inactive ingredients: Arnica montana, calendula, chamomile, dimethyl sulfone (MSM), echinacea, ethanol, Ilex paraguariensis, isopropyl myristate, juniper berry, purified water USP and white tea.

For external use only, BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This formula is very powerful! Please keep it out of eyes, nose, cuts, and off of any other sensitive skin.

Please consult a physician with any concerns prior to using BioFreeze Professional Pain Reliever.

Apply minimally at first to gauge skin tolerance to the cayenne and essential oils. Tolerance usually increases with time. As with anything new, start slow.

**WARNING:  DO NOT use Biofreeze Professional Pain Reliever if pregnant or nursing.


Roll on 3 oz., Tube 4 oz.


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