Braided Lateral Resistor


Braided Lateral Resistor

The original Lateral Resistor by SPRI – perfect for opposition workouts for Posterior and Anterior arm muscles effectively bypassing any hand interference.


Braided Lateral Resistor

Originally developed for a lower body workout, the Braided Lateral Resistor has been adapted for arm strength workouts. Cuffs on both wrists lets the arms work against each other developing forearm and upper arm strength without involving the hands at all. The Braided Lateral Resistor is designed to be extra durable with its braided rope-like construction providing superior support with padded cuffs.  Perfect for shoulder and arm resistance workout with arms working alone against each other with no hand or finger support. Designed to keep up with the user’s quickness and strength.

The Braided Lateral Resistor Features:

Condition the entire upper and lower-body and wrists, forearms and upper arms
Braided, rope-like construction for extra durability
4 color-coded different resistance levels
Includes padded cuffs for superior support
Sold individually

Weight.99 lbs


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