Braided Resistance Xertube with Foam Handle



Braided Resistance Tubing with Foam Handle

One of the SPRI family of resistance tubing products, foam handle for comfort and braid for strength support and safety.


Braided Resistance Xertube with Foam Handle

The SPRI Braided Xertubes braided resistance bands offer the same benefits as other braided exercise bands, and then some. The braided rope-like construction makes this the toughest tube in the braided resistance bands market and durable enough for any type of braided resistance band exercise. Anchor the bands to any secure object, step on it, or use with a partner for training variety.

This new generation of the official Xertube® is designed with SPRI’s patented braided tubing technology, built specifically for dynamic, high resistance exercise. The Braided Xertubes have two 36″ strands of braided tubing that can be connected to a durable nylon loop and can be attached to any sturdy surface or held by a training partner to maximize resistance training workouts. Sold individually. Color-coded levels of resistance ranging from very light to ultra-heavy.  The external braiding provides an additional protection in the unusual event of breakage.

Braided Xertubes Feature:

– Heavy-duty connector
– Connected tubes to each other or any sturdy object
– Color-coded levels of resistance ranging from very light to ultra-heavy.
– Padded Foam Handles.
– Comfortable & Easy Grip

A great resistance workout, but easy on the hands which are prevented from getting sore with the Xertube With Foam Handles. Padded foam handles provide additional comfort and easier grip when working out, allowing an intensified resistance training.

When using tubing products wearing safety glasses is recommended.


Weight.99 lbs


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