ColdSpot Pain Relief


ColdSpot Pain Relief

Perfect for that workout injury – ColdSpot Pain Relief provides a cool, soothing therapy.


ColdSpot Pain Relief

ColdSpot Pain Relief offers the finest rehabilitation product for sore injured muscles on the market. ColdSpot Pain Relief does not rely on fancy packaging, just results in providing soothing comfort with its all natural ingredients, including menthol, MSM and arnica. ColdSpot is a perfect cold therapy rehab tool, not only for stressed and strained muscles associated with arm wrestling activities but for temporary relief of all types of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with any simple bruise, strain or sprain.

A water-based formula designed to minimize grease and residue, ColdSpot Pain Relief is perfect for a comfortable recovery from minor and painful stress and strain injuries that occur as a result of competition or training of any type.

For External Use Only. ColdSpot Pain Relief is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This formula is very powerful! Please keep it out of eyes, nose, cuts, and off of any other sensitive skin.

Please consult a physician with any concerns prior to using ColdSpot Pain Relief.

Apply minimally at first to gauge skins tolerance to the cayenne and essential oils. Tolerance usually increases with time. As with anything new, start slow.

**WARNING:  DO NOT use ColdSpot Pain Relief if pregnant or nursing and keep out of reach of children.



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