Finger Rehab Tool


Finger Rehab Tool

Perfect self massage tool for sore fingers and hands.

Finger Rehab Tool

As all Pullers know the fingers take an incredible beating both in training and in pulls.  The Finger Rehab Tool is the perfect small individual rehabilitative and massaging device for all sore and painful finger and palm areas. Designed to be self-applied and to increase circulation and reduce finger stiffness this tool will facilitate healing and provide over-all muscle and joint stimulus for those painful post-match and post-workout finger discomforts.

The Finger Rehab Tool features an easy-grip design with two sides for rehabilitative therapy options. One end has two massage rollers that apply pressure to individual fingers, stimulating blood flow while also rolling out stiffness. The other end features one massage roller designed to target specific areas of pain in the fingers and hand. This tool can be used individually or by a second party.  A great device for clearing up those difficult and troublesome areas of pain and starting the rehab process of the hands and fingers. It was designed and created to comfortably and effectively treat finger muscle pain, while also being lightweight, versatile, affordable and simple enough for anyone to use.

The Finger Rehab Tool weighs mere ounces and is designed to fit any grip – large or small. Crafted with the ergonomics of massage in mind, it’s specially contoured shape optimizes wrist positioning and control. This allows the generation of more pressure from less force completely removing troublesome thumb strain, wrist torque and hyper-extension. Achieve an ease of use in personal and partner massage never experienced before.

This tool is so accessible it can be stashed in a pocket for use on the go. There is no need to endure finger cramps or muscle pain, certainly not when avoidable beforehand. The revolutionary design of the Finger Rehab Tool has everything needed to target and prevent unnecessary finger aches, pains and spasms.

Doctors, Physicians and Physical Therapists all agree regular massage treatment can help improve every aspect of health. In this case, this tool is specifically designed for the fingers. It offers a unique design that is entirely geared towards ease of use. Every point fits naturally into the grip avoiding wrist torque or hyper-extension. Its contoured handles put the hand in an optimized position allowing for more pressure from less force, and total control.

Weight.22 lbs


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