Rehab and Recovery Kit


Rehab and Recovery Kit

Handle with two massage rollers for self-massage or use by a partner.

Rehab and Recovery Kit

The Rehab and Recovery Kit comes with two compact massage devices designed to target and rehab those sore after-workout muscles or for pre-workout muscle conditioning. For arm wrestlers aching muscles after a match or workout are no laughing matter. The Rehab and Recovery Kit tools are the perfect answer to those painful areas.

• The Kit includes two compact massage tools
• The Adjustable Tri-Angle Massager for hard-to-reach areas
• The Mini Roller Ball to pinpoint areas of pain
• Textured surfaces provide a deeper massage

The kit devices are designed and created to comfortably and effectively treat muscle pain and start the muscle rehab process, while also being lightweight, versatile, affordable and simple enough for anyone to use. These tools were created to provide a more effective, compact and highly durable solution to everyday pain management and muscle rehabilitation.

The Rehab and Recovery Kit devices weigh mere ounces and are designed to fit any grip large or small.  Crafted with the ergonomics of massage in mind, their specially contoured shapes optimize wrist positioning and control. This allows a generation of more pressure from less force completely removing troublesome thumb strain, wrist torque and hyper-extension. Achieve an ease of use in personal and partner massage never experienced before.

No tools have more uses than the Rehab and Recovery Kit tools. They have been specially crafted to facilitate the most healing and proven massage techniques. They are ideal for deeper and more accurate massage and will pinpoint and penetrate localized aches bringing much needed blood flow and relief throughout.

With its compact sized tools the Rehab and Recovery Kit can be used virtually anywhere, whether at home, work, school or the gym. For immediate relief the Kit tools are THE all-purpose travel companions.

There is no need to endure cramps or muscle pain, certainly when avoidable beforehand. The design of the Rehab and Recovery Kit tools have all that’s needed to target and prevent unnecessary aches, pains and spasms by effortlessly permitting penetration and thus rehabilitation of sore areas on the hands, arms, shoulders, back, legs, neck, feet and more.

Doctors, Physicians and Physical Therapists all agree regular massage treatment can help improve every aspect of health. Techniques such as Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology can help alleviate a vast array of conditions and chronic suffering such as headaches, fatigue, insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, and muskulo-skeletal pain.

The Rehab and Recovery Kit tools offer unique designs that is entirely geared towards ease of use. Every point fits naturally into the grip avoiding wrist torque or hyper-extension. Their contoured shapes put the hand in an optimized position allowing for more pressure from less force, and total control. Whether looking to focus on an aggravated trigger point or work on a broad muscle group these tools can be wielded with accuracy and efficiency.

Weight.74 lbs


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