MAKA Alpha Whey Protein

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MAKA Alpha Whey Protein

Of all the protein supplements  – this is the BEST!  Aids in building muscle, improving physical performance, building mental focus & increasing circulatory function.

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MAKA Alpha Whey Protein

There are many, many protein products on the market today and all are quite similar as to ingredients and performance. After many false starts however we’ve finally found the one we are particularly sold on – so sold on it that we have added it to our web site Health and Nutrition offerings and are finally able to recommend it to our friends. It is only available through our Web Site –

MAKA Alpha Whey Protein powder will aid in building muscle, improving physical performance, building mental focus and increasing circulatory function.

The Alpha Whey Protein powder is incredibly fast acting and contains 100% whey protein, with the best ratio of BCAA’s, giving the body all the necessary nutrients it needs to help get the most out of a workout.

Available in a 2 lb canister in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Benefits of the MAKA Alpha Whey Protein:

Enhanced Circulatory Function
Lean Muscle Support
Improved Physical Performance
Highly Improved Muscle Building
Improved Mental Clarity & Acuity

MAKA Alpha Whey Protein allows for rapid absorption into the body and produces a quick amino acid uptake to boost energy and stamina. It also aids in improving muscle growth and increasing stamina.

I can highly recommend the MAKA Alpha Whey Protein. After much searching it’s the only protein product I use. It’s the one I have confidence in because I have found it to actually provide the indicated benefits.


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