MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery

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MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery

Perfect for that quick workout recovery.

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MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery

Most of us have been using BCAA products ever since workouts became standard. BCAA is essential for enhancing physical workout efforts and we have finally found the one that works best. Taking the MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery supplement after an intense physical workout has been shown to aid in minimizing muscle damage while at the same time using the workout effort to sustain muscle growth and enhance the energy required to reduce muscle breakdown.

The MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery supplement provides a critical recovery “boost” after a hard and intense workout and has the fast absorption time necessary for providing for a quicker recovery.

MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery contains:

L-Glutamine (enhances exercise performance)
L-leucine (stimulates muscle growth)
L-Valine (promotes muscle growth & tissue repair)
Vitamin B6 (anti-inflammatory)

Major benefits of MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery:

Fast All-Round Recovery
Promotion of Lean Muscle Growth
Promotion of Tissue Repair
Enhancing Performance & Endurance
Minimizing Fatigue Prevention & Recovery
Improving Concentration
Enhancing Muscle Protein Synthesis
Increasing Fat Burning
Decreasing Muscle Soreness
Speedy Muscle Recovery

MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery (BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids), is comprised of the amino acids Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. These essential amino acids are the body’s muscle building blocks which help in reducing protein and muscle breakdown during and/or after an intense workout. Supplementing with MAKA UltraShock Quik Recovery can assist in lean muscle growth with fast recovery with a minimum of muscle loss.

Whether looking to build muscle, improve speed or just recover from a workout – BCAA supplements are a must for every puller. These essential vitamins can help the body increase muscle protein synthesis to improve recovery and increase endurance to enhance the workout. Supplementing with UltraShock Quik Recovery vitamin supplements can be a great way to help the body recover from the strains of exercise to help increase endurance and recovery time.

325 gm of powdered product – Fruit Punch Flavor

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