Universal Massage Thumb Tool



Universal Massage Thumb Tool

Great massage therapy tool that will save wear and tear on the Masseur/Masseuse.



Universal Massage Thumb Tool

The Universal Massage Thumb Tool was originally developed to assist massage therapists, chiropractors and occupational therapists protect their hands and thumbs while performing their job. Now the Universal Thumb Tool is available to the weekend warrior or serious athlete and is available in a Small/Medium size or a Large size for larger hands.

The unique design and shape of the Universal Massage Thumb Tool helps work on various parts of the body such as the neck, arms, shoulders, hands, and legs, where deep pain is generally focused. Using the Universal Thumb Tool can help increase rehabilitative blood flow while relieving muscle tension and knots and protecting the massaging hand and thumb.

This design helps maintain steady pressure during trigger point work and allows for skin-to-skin contact; the comfortable grip allows it to really become an extension of the thumb and hand and helps relieve the pressure put on those areas during massage work. The Universal Massage Thumb Tool reduces pressure on the carpo-metacarpal joint and thumb and is great for trigger point work.

It is designed and created to allow a comfortable and effective rehab-oriented muscle pain treatment, while also being lightweight, versatile, affordable and simple enough for anyone to use. It was created to have a more effective, compact and highly durable solution to everyday pain management and muscle rehabilitation.

The Universal Massage Thumb Tool weighs mere ounces and is designed to fit any grip, large or small. Crafted with the ergonomics of massage in mind, it’s specially contoured shape optimizes wrist and thumb positioning and control. This allows the generation of more pressure from less force completely removing troublesome thumb strain, wrist torque and hyper-extension.

The Universal Massage Thumb Tool features innovative and effective end points that can precisely target and massage specific muscle groups and trigger points while protecting the massager’s thumb. With its compact size it can be used virtually anywhere, whether at home, work, school or the gym. This tool is so accessible it can be stashed in a pocket for use on the go. The Massage Therapist’s Thumb is the perfect all-purpose travel companion.

Make sure you have a partner – must have another to do the “heavy lifting” while YOU relax.


Small/Medium, Large


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