Master Orbital Massager


Master Orbital Massager

Perfect hand held massaging tool.


Master Orbital Massager

The Master Orbital Massager has an innovative gliding action of a freely rotational ball that kneads muscles in the same way professional massage therapists work to loosen and relax soft tissues and to encourage circulation. The Master Orbital Massager has a smooth, comfortable shape that allows for a stress-releasing, relaxing massage to back, neck and shoulders and to muscles throughout the body.

The Orbital Massager is made of a durable polymer and helps get to all the hard-to-reach places. This tool gives the hand more power when needed. Use either the tip or the base for applying pressure.  Body workers often use the Orbital Massager to save wear and tear on their hands when working on those tough spots – the Massager feels almost like a part of the hand.

The Master Orbital Massager was designed and created as a massage tools that would comfortably and effectively treat muscle pain, while also being lightweight, versatile, affordable and simple enough for anyone to use. The Orbital Massager was created to provide a more effective, compact and highly durable solution to pain management.

It weighs mere ounces and is designed to fit any grip large or small. Crafted with the ergonomics of massage in mind, it’s specially contoured shape optimizes wrist positioning and control. This allows the generation of more pressure from less force, completely removing troublesome thumb strain, wrist torque and hyper-extension.

The revolutionary Master Orbital Massager was designed with professional therapists in mind and specially crafted to facilitate the most healing and proven massage techniques.  It features innovative and effective end points that can precisely target and massage specific muscle groups and trigger points, pin-point acupressure and fascia release, help break up deep muscle tension bringing much needed blood flow to the tissues to stimulate and sooth away those aches and pains.

With its compact size the Master Orbital Massager can be used virtually anywhere, whether at home, work, while traveling, at school or the gym.  For immediate on-the-road relief the Orbit is a perfect all-purpose travel companion.

There is no need to endure cramps or muscle pain, certainly not when avoidable beforehand. The revolutionary design of the Master Orbital Massager has all the necessary pieces to target and prevent unnecessary aches, pains and spasms and effortlessly penetrate sore areas on the hands, arms, legs, neck, feet and more. Doctors, Physicians and Physical Therapists all agree regular massage treatment can help improve every aspect of health, including helping to alleviate a vast array of conditions and chronic suffering such as headaches, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and muskulo-skeletal pain.


Weight.95 lbs

Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue


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