Hand Therapy Putty



Hand Therapy Putty

Therapy putties are a great way to exercise hands without potential for injury by hard surfaces.  Perfect for injured hands and fingers.


Hand Therapy Putty

Non-toxic, non-oily Hand Therapy Putty is formulated to be clean and unscented. The different resistances are designed to provide therapeutic relief for all skin types from the softest to the most rugged and hand and finger relief to the most professional athletic muscle rehabilitative recovery.

Specifically formulated for those who put great stress and strain on hand, wrist and finger muscles and joints in all types of sports competition and athletic training as well as the weekend gardener, this therapeutic putty is ideal for rehabbing the wrist, hand and fingers after a serious workout.

For external use only, Hand Therapy Putties are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This formula is very powerful! Please keep it out of eyes, nose, cuts, and off of any other sensitive skin and out of reach of children.

Please consult a physician with any concerns prior to using Hand Therapy Putty. Apply minimally at first to gauge skins tolerance to the cayenne and essential oils. Tolerance usually increases with time. As with anything new, start slow.

**WARNING:  DO NOT use Premium Hand Therapy Putties if pregnant or nursing.



6 oz., 16 oz.


Soft, Medium, Firm


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