Schiek Power Lifting Glove

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Schiek Platinum Power Lifting Glove

Schiek Work Out Gloves are some of the best gloves in the world – with easy-off finger tips and sturdy design.


Schiek Power Lifting Glove

Manufactured with Amara synthetic leather, the Schiek Power Lifting Glove holds up exceptionally well to the wear and tear of the gym environment. The Schiek glove patented FIN system allows a simple grab of the extension on the top of the glove to easily pull it off. Its durable, non-slip padded palm and thumb features will aid in grip strength, as well as reducing hand and wrist fatigue. The thick gel padding protects hands and palms, yet still permitting a “feel” of the bar. These Weight Lifting Gloves are washable and won’t color “bleed”.

Schiek Power Lifting Glove Features:

Patented FINS for easy removal.
Wrist wraps for maximum support.
Washable; non-bleeding.
Durable, non-slip padded palm and thumb.
Made of durable Amara synthetic leather.
3/4 finger length.

Weight.95 lbs


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