Super Chalk – Refillable Sock


Super Chalk – Refillable Sock

Top-of-the-line grip chalk.  Originally designed for climbers but perfect for the serious Puller.  This chalk sock is great for travel and can be refilled when empty.

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Super Chalk – Refillable Sock

The Chalk Sock is now available for refills if you have bulk chalk.  Keep those clouds of chalk dust to a minimum during indoor workouts with the Super Chalk Refillable Chalk Sock.  Chalk dust will be banished from any indoor space. The Refillable Chalk Sock is a must-have accessory for any indoor pull or workout. Chalk socks are ideal for distant travel for training prior to a match.

The Refillable Chalk Sock is pre-packed with the #1 selling climbing chalk in America – the Super Chalk, which has been specifically formulated for rock climbing but now is the arm wrestling gold standard as well. In circumstances were only the best will suffice in order to maintain maximum grip strength without slipping.  Super Chalk is designed to the highest non-slip specifications that are critically important in climbing grips. A safe drying agent is added to this highest-quality magnesium carbonate chalk for maximum sweat absorption and friction.

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