Xertube With Sleeve


SPRI Xertube With Sleeve

The original SPRI Xertube with protective sleeve – perfect for opposition workouts for Posterior and Anterior arm muscles and Intrinsic hand muscles.


Xertube With Sleeve

The Xertube With Sleeve has the same benefits and high quality construction as other official Xertubes but the 34″ protective sleeve provides another level of safety from potential breakage. This sleeved tube is ideal for carpeted or rough surfaces, protecting the user as well as the training environment. The hard handles provide a durable grip during intense workouts. This Xertube product is available in 5 color-coded resistances ranging from very light to ultra-heavy.  When using tubing products wearing safety glasses is recommended.

The Xertube with Sleeve Features:

Protective 34″ rubber sleeve.
Ideal for carpeted or rough surfaces.
Hard handles are included.
Available in 5 resistances.
Sold individually.

Weight.99 lbs


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