1.  TopRoll may add script to its clothing designs that are in languages or dilects other than English. Because of the             great number of languages in the world and different idioms, meanings, dialects, etc., many times word for word             translations from English to other languages are simply not possible.

  1. In most cases, in order to be as accurate as possible, TopRoll has contacted native speakers who are professional translators and are well versed in English as a second language as well as their native tongues.  However, many words in English carry different meanings in another language.  (In some languages, such as French, the gender of the word also plays a part in a translation which further complicates the effort.)
  2. TopRoll has taken great pains to ensure that no error in translation is used in any context on our Website and that our translations do not offend any cultural or religious norms. But we are also aware that with well over 250 world wide languages and innumerable dialects, mistakes are inevitable. We apologize in advance if our translations are in any way offensive.
  3. In that vein, please be so kind as to contact us if we have made an error in translation so that we may verify any differences and re-post the applicable correction as quickly as possible. We make no warranties as to the accuracy of any translation. (TopRoll will accept no return based on translation issues.)
  4. The sample apparel pictures show the approximate locations of designs. Because of printing issues they are examples only and exact locations on the garment may shift and colors may vary slightly. The online images are indications of the approximate placement and color(s) of the design on the product and are not intended to be exact.
  5. In some cases TopRoll may use purported worldwide city or country locations as artistic, tongue–in-cheek references in its apparel designs to events that may not be  and are not intended to accurate. These references are intended to provide comic relief rather than to demean, impugn, troll or make fun of the beliefs of any race, ethnic group or religion.  There is no implication that certain activities shown on TopRoll apparel have anything to do with that location and TopRoll makes no such warranties.  While certain activities similar to TopRoll artwork may take place in these locations, TopRoll makes no claim that such events have ever taken place in the indicated locations.
  6. Please be so kind as to contact us if we have given offense and let us know what the nature of the offense is so that we may make a determination as to the efficacy of your difficulty with our offerings, and if necessary, refrain from future use.

This Translation & Attribution Disclaimer was last updated on 7/25/18.